Garden Design, Landscaping
Manor House front garden. Drought tolerant planting scheme. 

Bathampton front garden with great views across the valley. Oak archways for climbing roses. 

A garden that doubled as a front garden and the terrcae. Symmetrical borders featured either side of the main path leading to the oak porch where we installed a rain chain.

Roses and lavender. Rosa Generous Gardener climber on the wall.
A beautiful house required a beautiful front entrance. We reclaimed the pennant stone for the paths.

We planted a multistem Malus Evereste and loads of roses and perennials. Many self seeders were planted. 
A reclaimed brick path meandering through perennials and trees. 

Long flowering perennials were chosen with many having interest late in to the year. 
Multistem Amelanchier lamarckii underplanted with Pachysandra terminalis. Miscanthus grass hedge. 

A perennial meadow in progress. A photo from year 2.